What’s on your desk? - Episode 5: Alex Nobert, Ops Manager

far left

I’ve wanted to write a nice office post for years but had never gotten my office into what I consider to be presentable shape. That changed this past summer when I submitted my desk to The Verge’s “What’s on your desk?” forum topic. It has evolved a bit since but the core is the same.


Here is a bird’s eye view of my desk. The main computer is a 2010 27” iMac 3.2GHz i3 upgraded to 12GB RAM and with a 120GB SSD system drive installed in place of the optical drive and the original 1TB drive used for storage. The second display is some random 24” Samsung monitor which I hope to replace some day soon.

low right

My keyboard of choice is an Apple wireless keyboard—I own three. I wasn’t sure if I would really use a Magic Trackpad so I ended up putting it side-by-side with a Magic Mouse. Today I use it at least 90% of the time (exception: gaming, which I never do anyway); there is no mouse at my other desk. I also have a Wacom Intuos2 which I only use for Photoshopping (note: not actually with Photoshop).

The desk itself is actually an Ikea Lagan kitchen countertop with Vika Moliden legs and a Vika Alex drawer unit. There are Signum cable management trays on either side of the drawer unit and the cables are fastened with twist and zip ties. There’s a surge protector mounted beneath the desk at one end, and another power bar in the Signum at the other.

Not pictured, I have a pair of Sennheiser PXC 360 BT noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones hanging on a Bjarnum folding hook off of the side of the drawer unit.


This chandelier came with the house and though I swore it would be the first thing to go, my wife fell in love with it so it remains hanging above the stairs.

brady quinn

I have a strange affinity for horrible quarterbacks. Elsewhere in the office is a Joey Harrington figure, and there is a Jamarcus Russell figure in a drawer somewhere.


Bonus: on particularly nice days, Pupperz J. Pupperson and I can take our operation out onto the deck on the other side of the patio doors in my office.

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