Vox Media Pawduct Team: Meet Our Dogs!

Dogs. Love them or hate them (you love them, of course), they are a popular animal on the Vox Media product team.

You can tell a lot about a person by meeting their dog. Today, you have the rare opportunity to better know nine Vox product people and their furry friends!

We’re not done, either. In January, we’ll introduce you to another set of pets, including more dogs, some cats and a very helpful bird.


Dan Chilton, Developer
Name: Bogart, Bogey for short
Breed: Doberman mix
Age: 10
Job Title: Lead Nap Developer
Location: Springfield, Missouri
Memory: Two slots of 8GB DDR4, also his reaction when we brought home our kids from the hospital


Alex Nobert, Operations Manager
Name: Pupperz J. Pupperson
Breed: Black lab mix
Age: 1 year
Job Title: Puperations Intern
Memory: There are so many great moments, but the best has to have been when Pupperz looked up at me while we were watching TV together and said “I love you dad.”
Wait, did that actually happen? If not, probably the time she climbed up on the couch when she was not allowed to, then deployed her sad puppy face as if to say “please can I stay?” (she can stay)


Cory Williams, Support Manager
Name: His name is Maddox, though I call him many names (including Reginald Booboo-san and Dumbass)
Breed: Boxer/Lab Mix
Age: 1.5
Job Title: CPO: Chief Pawperations Officer
Memory: There’s the time he drank my beer… or this picture, when I saw him after being away for six months and he was really happy (and so was I).

He’s also a big fan of the dog park, and he always runs up to new dogs as they enter and gives them a good welcome sniff!


Clif Reeder, Developer
Name: Max
Breed: Dachshund
Age: 12
Job Title: Developer (smarmy, lazy, bad at listening to instructions, sleeps during the day, loves ham)
Memory: Playing frisbee golf and him running around the field/woods without a leash


Matt Singerman, IT Manager
Name: Chuy Loreno Panfilli Singerman
Breed: Chihuahua
Age: 11
Job Title: Protector of small shrubberies, doggy bed QA
Memory: Watching him jump into a snowbank and burrow out the other side


Guillermo Esteves, Developer
Name: Baraka
Breed: Golden Retriever
Age: 14
Location: Caracas, Venezuela
Job Title: Chief Tennis-Ball Officer
Memory: Waking up every morning and finding her sitting next to my bed holding a tennis ball, just waiting for me to get up and play with her.

My other favorite memory is simply the way she always greeted me every time I came home as if she hadn’t seen me in years.


Jose Junior, Senior Ops Engineer
Name: Sakura
Breed: Boxer mix
Age: 10
Location: Divinopolis, Brazil
Job Title: Senior Hair Eater
Memory: Getting her as a sick puppy from a shelter and caring for her until she got a pretty dog again. Also, all the times my son ran from her until he understood that she is harmless (he walks her around now when he is on vacation).


Ryan Gantz, Director of UX
Name: Gordon “Alfie” Shumway
Breed: Norwich Terrier
Age: 6
Location: Santa Barbara, California
Job Title: Director of Snoozer Experience
Memory: That time the UPS guy / FedEx guy / other dog / man on bicycle rode past the house and Alfie ran outside at 50mph barking and screaming and kicking up dirt and OH RIGHT THAT HAPPENS EVERY TWO HOURS.

But otherwise it’s nice to have him on the couch with me.


Georgia Cowley, Designer
Name: Quin
Breed: Long-haired Whippet
Age: 12
Location: Springfield, Virginia
Job Title: Deputy Chief Exe-cute-ive
Memory: The first time I saw him. He was so tiny I could hold him in one hand.

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