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Evolving the Eater Maps experience

How we designed and built a new storytelling product

Creating story packages that scale

A Working Letter about Chorus

Our old editor goes quietly into the night

The Ringer Joins Vox Media’s Chorus

MMA Fighting’s homepage relaunch is a major milestone for Chorus

A new chapter for Vox Product

all podcasts

Designing a mobile app

The story of a hypothetical app and a happy intern

Annual VAX Event Kicks Off in Baltimore

A preview of our 2018 all-hands hack week

Building an Engineering Culture of Sharing and Learning

A team that collaborates well and encourages asking questions is never an accident

Vox Media design team’s top 19 books to read this year

A roundup of some of our designers’ favorite books about design, writing, technology, and more

A Highly Subjective Guide to Prototyping Tools

Because the right tool is everything

Building a modern single-page app with Vue and Rails

What we learned by experimenting, working and learning together

Evolving the Eater Maps experience

Why ads keep redirecting you to scammy sites and what we’re doing about it

No, your phone hasn’t been hacked and you haven’t won a gift card. Yes, we hate it too.

Designing Vox Conversations 2017

Giving ‘em something to talk about

Building the Vox Media Video microsite

Front-end design

Meet Eater’s new homepage

"Where should I eat?" and other questions we asked ourselves while designing Eater’s new homepage

Ambient Research

Using Redundancy to Share Product Insights

Behind’s homepage refresh

The process and thinking behind the new design

Launching a new homepage for Curbed

How we created a branded experience atop a unified product

Three questions I asked myself after attending IxDA’s Interaction 17

How presentations about death, bathrooms, and "lovely little inconveniences" relate to my work at Vox Media

Performance Update #4: So much to do, so much to see

A recap of our work in the past year.

The New Racked

Aligning research and design with a new editorial strategy

An open source tool for enabling faster, easier editing of video interviews

We’ve taken a process that was once days or weeks of work, and shortened it to just a few hours. With a Mac OS X desktop app that creates automatic transcription from a video or audio file. The user can make text selections and export those selections as a video sequence in the editing software of choice.

Verge 3.0: Logo recognition and refinement

Part two of a four-part series

Verge 3.0: How we conducted research

Part one of a four-part series

Designing Pixel Punch 3.0

From Cleveland, to Brooklyn, to Chicago, to Washington D.C.

“Africa is not a country, ” and other notes from Media Party Africa

Creating a pop-up restaurant brand from scratch

Join The First Edition of Color Coded

Empowering People of Color