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We're alive!

Hello again! It’s been awhile since our last post, but we have a good excuse — over the last month, our talented product team has launched not one, but TWO massive projects.

At the end of last month, on September 25th to be exact, Vox unveiled a monumental redesign of the 300+ blogs and communities that make up SB Nation. It was a huge undertaking that we highlighted in our last post, so if you haven’t checked it out yet, please do.

Then, almost exactly one month later on October 24th, Vox launched its third vertical, Polygon, the most beautiful and in-depth gaming website in the entire world! The process of designing, building, and launching our newest vertical was captured by Vox’s phenomenal video team and has been airing every Wednesday for the last 10 weeks. The last two episodes really give you an inside look at the inner machinations of our product team, so we thought we’d include them here in case you missed them.

Episode Nine - #POLYSOON

Episode Ten - “Post-Launch”

To follow the whole saga, make sure you check out the Press Reset hub on Polygon, and keep checking back for the next few Wednesdays, because there’s still more to come!

Now that the dust has settled on these mammoth projects, you can expect to hear more from us on the blog. Thanks for your patience!