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What's on your desk? - Episode 2: Chris Haines, Product Manager

So you wanna know what’s on my desk, huh? Well, it’s all very interesting, see. I have bobbleheads, some other bobbleheads, and a bobblehead. I guess there’s some productivity-type stuff on there too, but it’s mostly bobbleheads.

Haines Desk

I’ve actually grown quite comfortable in my little corner of Vox Media’s HQ, and I consider “my desk” to actually be more of an area. Most of “my area” is dedicated to my sporting passions: the Philadelphia Phillies and the Georgetown Hoyas. Obviously, most of the aforementioned bobbleheads are Phillies bobbleheads, but there are also pennants, posters, photos, and even a wall calendar. I’ve even got a few soccer scarves hanging on the walls too and my Allen Iverson (favorite athlete ever) jersey over my chair. I’ve never been one to hide my sporting allegiances, and my desk is no exception.

Haines Desk

As for what is actually on my desk; I use a MacBook Pro, set up on a Rain Design stand, along with a Dell monitor. I usually do most of my work on the big monitor and save the laptop screen for chat windows and streaming sports. I use a Magic Mouse and an Apple keyboard, and I love both. For headphones, I stick with simple Urbanears over-ear-phones - they’re nothing special, but are great for switching between music and Google Hangouts, Skype, or GoTo Meeting (which we use for remote collaboration).

I also generally keep my iPad (I’m a first generation OG) on my desk, propped up on a Logitech stand and bluetooth keyboard. I mostly use the iPad for notes (hence the keyboard) or watching something in the background (Netflix, WatchESPN, so much, etc.).

I’ve always have a snack (carrots, almonds and M&M’s are my go-tos) and a drink (water and coffee almost exclusively) on my desk. I also keep some post-its, a small notebook, and some pens ready if I need to jot something down.


I’ve also have a second desk to the side that houses one of our testing computers and pretty much everything else I can’t fit on my primary desk: keys and wallet, a larger notepad, empty coffee mugs, and just about anything else that doesn’t have a home.

All-in-all, I’ve got my desk set up to be a very comfortable place for me to work. I spend some long days here, but it never really feels that way.