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What's on your desk? - Episode 1: Tyson Whiting, designer

What’s on my desk? A bunch of junk. I’m a pack rat, and this is my desk on a good day. It’s usually overflowing with food packages, sketches, and to-do lists. As a graphic designer, it’s almost mandatory to have creative stimuli surround me; I feel I work better in a messy creative environment.

I have plenty of toys to play with (when I’m not working… err, sometimes). The pocket-sized Nerf gun, in particular, is important ‘cause a man needs protection in the designer-hood. I also usually have magazines or art books chilling around somewhere. Aside from the entertainment, I have the necessities: ketchup, whiskey, and chopsticks. Can’t forget a vinyl piece from my favorite artist, Jeremy Fish - check his art out it’s so sweet (shout out to designer Uy Tieu for hooking me up with it).

I ALWAYS have food on my desk. When you weigh as much as a broomstick, it helps to keep my wee-baby-body nourished. On this particular day, I am crushing an empanada from Julia’s Empanadas, located right down the street.

What am I without technology? Mac Book 15” with SSD, Audio Technica headphones, my iPhone, and a new iPad I just got for my birthday. The paper app is so rad! Always be sketching. But, of course, I can’t ever leave home without a real note pad and pen.

If I had to define my desk… I’m thinking it would be a pig-pen mixed with a toy factory. Well, thats my desk. Blam!