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Product Team All-hands 2013/ Return of Vax

It has been 7 months since all members of the product team descended upon Austin, Texas for our first hackathon. We are happy to report that many of the tools that were developed during our first Vax is still in use — like Beacon, Binder and Moxie. In fact, Moxie is being developed into a tool that’s going to take Ad Products at Vox to the next level, and Beacon is a core part of Product Team planning.

Our team leaders decided to attach Vax 2.0 to our 2013 Product Team All-hands gathering at our DC office.

While some will be working on improving their past Vax projects, others have decided to start new projects that focus on exploring visual storytelling, improving Vox longform features, and building tools to help Vox employees to document our tools and processes.

On the morning of October 3, 2013 CPO Trei Brundrett, Senior PM Justin Glow, and CEO Jim Bankoff kicked off our all-hands and Vax with T-shirts designed by Uy Tieu. The day was filled with talks from our different team leaders about the goals for our product team in the upcoming year, and also recognized the amount of progress we’ve made since our last all hands.

Tomorrow, we are expecting special guest speakers and using most of our day to work on our projects. Vox Media Product blog will be updating with the latest Vax 2.0 progress!