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What’s on your desk? - Episode 6: Chao Li, Support Manager of The Verge

At the old Verge offices, not all of us had desks— or chairs for that matter. I’m happy to report that in our new office, not only do we all have our own desks, the product team even has our own room!


On my desk, I have a monitor propped up by an empty hard drive box. Please excuse the tape, it didn’t quite make it back from CES in the best shape. I think it adds character.


Resting on my monitor is a Pokemon toy I got from McDonalds. Oshawatt the otter Pokemon is always smiling and it makes me happy. I know that a lot of the DC bros have bobbleheads. I have my little wobbly Oshawatt.

For my computer, I use a 13-inch MacBook Air propped up on a Rain Design Stand. I choose this computer because I’m more comfortable with the Mac operating system. I love the portability of the Air, and how fast the SSD is. It’s a great on-the-go machine. Not shown: a Lenovo Yoga 13-inch running Windows 8 for quality assurance work on The Verge.

My headphones are by V-Moda. I’ve been exclusively using V-Moda since 2007. I love all the different models of headphones they make. The one shown on my desk is the V-Moda M100s. I also have a pair of M80s with custom plates.

I charge all of my devices at work—including my special Pikachu edition Nintendo 3DS XL.

My iPhone 5 was stolen 3 days ago, so now I’m getting by with a loaner phone. Because of my line of work, I also have a Samsung SIII, a Blackberry Z10, a Nokia Lumia 920, and a Droid Razr M.


Being a journalism nerd, I’m really into my pens and notebooks. I have an Action Book that I use to manually track our editorial features and long term projects. I have a to-do style notebook from Muji that helps me with my day-to-day task tracking. I also have 2 Rhodia notebooks that I use to take meeting notes. I also use a Post-it system to enhance my Action Book. I love orange post-its and the special Shiba-Inu stickies from Muji. I love pens made by Sharpie. The ones with the silver caps are my favorite pens.

Also on my desk, I have a giant bottle of seltzer. At the new office, we treated ourselves to a seltzer machine because it was going to be a lot cheaper than the amount of canned seltzers we drank per month.

Because we just moved in, there is still a lot of potential for decorating my desk. My desk neighbor Scott Kellum and I are looking into purchasing a cat-a-day calendar to share. I’d love to get some posters or comic panels to tape up at my desk but I haven’t found anything amazing yet.