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Cool internet things we've discovered this week

Here at Vox Product, our Campfire rooms are overflowing with team members sharing ideas, jokes, news and interesting websites. There was a ton of great discovery over the past few days, so please join us on a journey through our favorite internet things for the week of June 24, 2013.

Face to GIF: A site created by Horia Dragomir, Face to GIF allows anyone with a working camera on their computer to make an animated GIF without the difficulties of actually knowing how to do anything.

Here’s Polygon’s Support Manager, Cory Williams, having some fun with Polygon Designer Tyson Whiting.

No designers were hurt in the making of this GIF.

Here’s Senior Front-End Engineer Dan Chilton showing off his mad Zippo skills.
Nifty Modal Window Effects: The Verge’s front-end engineer, Guillermo Esteves, shared this gem on Wednesday. There are apparently endless ways to style your modals through CSS. Which one is your favorite?

Finally, here’s a magical GIF of a ton of Pokemon who look a lot alike. See you next week for another edition of “Cool internet things we’ve discovered this week”!