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Color Theory

Written by Ted Irvine, Design Director, and Sharon Wong, Lead Designer

You might notice a new green-toned Vox Product logo on this blog. We’re not celebrating Earth Day, St. Paddy’s Day, or Bruce Banner Day. We’re simply flying some new colors within the Vox Media family.

To accompany the launch of our corporate website,, we’re rolling out our new branding system. Why bother implementing a new branding system, you ask? Well, the dirty secret is that to grow a media company it takes a talented set of folks with a diverse range of abilities, many of which do their work behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.

We have grown to three verticals, but the teams that build the properties, sell the advertising and develop brand stories have grown as well. As things have hit critical mass this year, we’ve needed to both formalize existing groups within Vox and create new ones that satisfy our organizational needs.

We wanted to provide these organizations with an identity that was unique and identifiable, yet still clearly a part of Vox Media. Our new system relies on the Vox brand mark and logotype to anchor each of these divisions — color becomes the main differentiator here. We decided to stay within the existing color conventions of the Vox mark and focus on tones within each color family.

With this is mind, we developed color explorations for each organization. We explored not only the conventions around branding and color theory but also chose the color family that best represents each organization’s personality and service.

Vox Advertising

Blue was ultimately chosen for the sense of authority, success and security that the color family evokes. Those values represent what our sales and ad operations folks at Vox Media are all ‘bout - the business side of Vox. We swear it had nothing to do with suits.

Vox Product

Green was chosen for the sense of life it represents and is also reflective of the essence of our Product culture and what we create. Ultimately, this is the greenhouse where our products are conceived, produced, developed, modified and iterated on. Everything we do is homegrown in our laboratory for the fresh consumption of our audiences, editorial and advertising folks.

Vox Creative

Bright pinks and magentas were chosen for the sense of imagination and innovation that those colors can evoke. It is a good representation for the in-house group of creative designers, developers, directors and storytellers that help make our ads and our brands beautiful, compelling and unique.

Vox Studios

Reds were chosen for the feelings of passion, vibrancy and punch that this color family is renowned for, representing the dynamic folks who produce highly engaging video content for our passionate audiences.

With all that being said and done - we can’t wait til we roll out the colored jumpsuits so everyone is clearly identified. I guess we know who gets a red shirt.