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Vox Product's Kit & Caboodle, November 2015

A monthly collection of design work from the Product Team at Vox Media

Another month is in the books, and the beautiful and innovative work isn't slowing down at all. We know you can't read every article on Vox Media's eight sites, and we know you can't soak in every delicious, visually stimulating piece of design. That's why we're here to bring it all together for you in one place! Kick back, relax, and enjoy some of our best work from November.


The night we faced Aldo

Edward Cao / Freelance Illustrator / @edward_cao /

MMA is a brutal combat sport. Photos from MMA fights are often cringeworthy, which is why Edward Cao's illustrations are so special -- they force you to dig deeper and react with both bewilderment and excitement. His color and textures really make the story multidimensional, as if you can smell the sweat and blood.


Gift Guide Advertisement Integration

Jody Zhou / Designer

Kelsey Scherer / Designer / @kelsa_

Matt Sullivan / Designer + Developer / @mjsxi

The entire gift guide is fantastic, but this piece in particular demonstrates our ability to integrate native placements with content in smooth yet honest ways. It also demonstrates our ability to present more noticeable, custom units within our stories.


Meet Jane and Michael Stern, the Original Culinary Road Warriors

Tiana Tucker / Freelance Illustrator / @tianatucker /

It is impossible to look at these illustrations and not have fun. The movement and color are so fluid and it all tells a great story, a million puzzle pieces put together beautifully.


Mobile-formatted Snapchat Advertisement

Sharon Wong / Designer / @shazzwong

This is a mobile-only unit meant to advertise the launch of Snapchat Discover for It highlights our ability to think of ads in device-specific ways, and gives a great preview of the experience users find on Snapchat Discover. Not only does it look fantastic, but it’s smart and effective.

Festive Instagram Images Racked

Brittany Holloway-Brown / Designer / @brtttny / http://withlovefrombrittany

Behold the beautiful baby of photography and video! Get in the spirit of Thanksgiving and Black Friday with these fun GIFs! Go ahead, put a dollop of whipped cream on that pumpkin pie.

Come back next month to see what we are showing off!