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Vax '15: Improving through learning and accomplishments

Here at Vox Media, we are all about supporting our colleagues across the company. It's just one of the many reasons the product team remains such a cohesive and successful team. Two of the projects currently under development at Vax '15 highlight this very fact - Vox Story and Vox University.

Vox Story

Members: Ally Palanzi, Casey Kolderup, Chao Li, David Yee

Vox Story will be a record of all of the amazing things people at Vox Media have accomplished and the contributions those people have made to the many projects the company has undertaken. Likened to an "early Facebook," because each employee is given a sort of profile page. It is on this page we can see the projects an employee has completed, projects they are working on, and their teams.

Team member David Yee suggests the project is going "surprisingly well" and despite feeling a tad ambitious yesterday, believes things are coming together. The entire team is enjoying watching this project turn into what they had originally wanted it to do. Vox Story will bring team members together through their accomplishments and ambitions. We look forward to seeing this operational.

Vox University

Members: Sharon Wong, Ian Carrico, Elite Truong, Megan Walton, Enzo Marchese

The Vox University team is busy at work on an improved platform. Vox University is our internal training and skill sharing initiative, working to hone and enhance upon many of our employee's skills. Overall, the team hopes to make it easier for employees to pitch, teach, or attend a class at Vox University - a one stop shop for all the information you need to know.

Vox Media is filled with so many talented and knowledgeable employees, all of which are looking to improve their skills through professional development. While a certain budget is currently allocated to professional development, much of this takes place outside the company. Vox University will work to take advantage of our team's skills, so we can learn from one another. Vox University will provide a sense of community, a place for support, and most importantly, a learning platform for future development.

If you're looking to keep up to date with our adventures here on the Product Blog, and on Twitter or Instagram where you can follow the #VAX15 tag to join in on the adventure from afar.