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Vax '15: Generate your project name today, and get to work

It's the final day of Vax '15 and we're in the middle of an amazing group of presentations which are often amusing, but always interesting. But while we get to work writing these up the rest of our Vax interviews we thought it might be cool to allow our readers to generate Vax project names of their own.

The generator above was made using our Autotune platform, which has been made open-source on Github, and it allows you to join in the fun and come up with some quirky ideas. We give you the name, you ship the product, then we have a party.

Let us know what you come up with on the comments below, and social media. You get bonus points if you can flesh out your idea a little more, and who knows? Maybe you'll get to make this project for real at a future Vax event?

So why don't you check out our current job openings and apply to join us here at Vox Media to ship products with really strange codenames.

If you're looking to keep up to date with our adventures here on the Product Blog, and on Twitter or Instagram where you can follow the #VAX15 tag to join in on the adventure from afar.