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Vox Product's Kit & Caboodle, December 2015

A monthly collection of design work from the Product Team at Vox Media

December was a busy month for Vox Product, and though we are deep into January, it is never too late to look back on what we created the month before. Vox Product finished the year strong with a ton of great work, while at the same time visiting our friends and family over the holidays. Unfortunately, I couldn't include all of it, but here is a handful of work from December that we thought was special.

transhumanism blog
President for Life: Transhumanism

Tyson Whiting / Designer / @komickiller

Kelsey Scherer / Designer / @kelsa_

Frank Bi / Engineer / @Frankiebi

Nancy Borowick / Photographer / @nancyborowick

This multi-chapter story about living forever is quite the piece. Not only is it an incredible story about something not many people know about, but the photography by Nancy is so incredible. Take the time and read this story, its well worth it.


Living with Shopping Addiction

Brittany Holloway-Brown / Designer / @brtttny /

There is something to say about how much amazing work Brittany churns out on a regular basis. This particular solution is so clever and so well executed it really pulls the piece together.


Vox Media 2015 Year in Review

Josh Laincz / Designer and Developer / @zohf

Justin Mezzell / Illustrator / @JustinMezzell /

This year, Josh really outdid himself by involving Justin Mezzell and creating an incredibly beautiful review for our company. The detail in each illustration is so, so good. They are almost like their own iSpy or Where’s Waldo! Pair that with a totally solid functionality and you have yourself the best damn year in review you’ll see this year.


Time Killers: The strange history of wrist gaming

Daniel Purvis / Illustrator /

I love working with Daniel. His inky brush strokes have this refreshing grit to them and his choice of color is always strong. Also, dragons.

Tune in next month to check out more of what we've been working on and who we have been working with!