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Vox Product's Kit & Caboodle, January 2016

A monthly collection of design work from the Product Team at Vox Media

The holidays were sure busy and fortunately we all made it out alive. What is even more fortunate is that Vox Product hasn't stopped creating outstanding illustrations and designs!

Artisanal Futures: Welcome to the age of the Etsy psychic

Brittany Holloway-Brown / Designer / @brtttny /

Brittany does it again with this great piece on the psychic community who do their business over Etsy. The story is very interesting and also bonkers. These dreamy illustrations and their beautiful textures put you right behind the crystal ball.

Nashville Hot Chicken Is Crispy, Fiery, and Perhaps Addictive

Dani Balenson / Designer and Illustrator / @dlbee_

This awesome collection of illustrations was inspired by letterpress prints, Nashville, and chickens. The color is so great the way it tells it own story while also feeling on brand with KFC. Check out the rest of these, they are delightful.

CES 2016

Stewart Scott-Curran / Design & Illustration / @stewartsc

Josh Laincz / Designer and Developer / @zohf

Ryan Mark / Developer / @ryanmark

CES this year was so exciting and the custom design work that the product team brought to the table was unparalleled. We brought in Stewart who created the pattern above and he totally knocked it out of the park. It was applied to the trailer, vending machine, and A CAR! At the same time Josh and Ryan were busy creating an amazing app (bottom-left) that can be used company wide to show incoming stories in a striking way.

3 charts that explain the GOP debate

Javier Zarracina / Designer / @JZarracina

There has been an insane amount of political overage on the GOP and Democratic debates. Javier has taken what would normally be a boring graph and made it into a captivating and creative gif.

Politics Plated

Tyson Whiting / Illustrator / @tyson_whiting

Vince Dixon / Developer and Writer / @Vince_Dixon_

The goal of this piece was to make one illustration that holds many illustrations. Eater created a new column, Politics Plated, and they will be writing about six different topics on the overlay of the elections and he food industry. So this illustration has six different illustrations in side it!

Tune in next month for more of what we have been working on and who we have been working with!