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Vox Product's Kit & Caboodle, June 2016

A monthly collection of design work from the Product Team at Vox Media

We've been absent for awhile (sorry!) but only because we've been busy creating outstanding designs and illustrations. Here are some of our favorites from the past couple of months.

Eater Young Guns 2016 Bottles

Eater Young Guns 2016 Hashtag

Eater Young Guns 2016 SignNapkin

Eater Young Guns 2016

Jessica Paoli / Designer / @skullface

Jessica is back at it again. She's previously designed amazing physical pieces for Vox Media's presence at Newfronts and brings her skill to this year's Eater Young Guns. This event highlights the freshest & most promising talent in the food industry and Jessica translates that feeling to everything from the awards themselves, to napkins, menus, and signs (some of them hand-painted by a sign painter to boot).



Fixing the American Commute

Brittany Holloway-Brown / Designer  / @brtttny

Brittany is back. Here she illustrates for Curbed's feature on America's crumbling transportation infrastructure and how new technology can alleviate the problem. If you have ever been stuck in traffic or on a train its a really interesting read. Her illustrations capture the feeling of looking to the future for answers while also providing a sense of mysticism.



Upgrading Hymnal

Ngan Hoang / Front-End Designer  / @ngansenseee

Matt Sullivan / Front-End Designer  / @mjsxi

Ngan and Matt have both worked on Vox Media's in-house advertising design team. That makes them uniquely suited to better understand what that team needs to execute Vox Media's vision of beautiful advertising on the web. Here they are working hard at improving the UI of our advertising platform, which is a tricky task since it is used by people who design but know little code, people who code and know a little design, and people who know enough of both design and code just to get by when launching campaigns.



Goose Island Migration Week Ad Campaign

Katharine Molloy / Designer / @kattattak_

Jack Evans / Front-End Designer / @JCHeavens

Speaking of advertising. Here Katharine and Jack teamed up to take Goose Island's brand for their Migration Week (where they travel the world with some of their favorite and rarest beers and hold tasting events) and make it shine on our sites. What makes these ads interesting is the use of the diagonal line which can provide some tricky design consideration on responsive sites

Tune in next month for more of what we have been working on and who we have been working with!