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The design system powering Vox’s first-ever conference

This week Vox hosted its first-ever conference in D.C., Vox Conversations. This invite-only event brought together thinkers and doers from around the country together to spend two days sharing solutions for improving the future of the U.S. It was the first event of its type for Vox, our general news brand, and another chance for our Brand Development designers to flex their muscles with design systems that extend into to real-life spaces.

Because you couldn’t be there, here’s a peek at how that design work came together in a physical space. We leaned heavily into Vox’s existing design language, developed a logo that could be flexible for use on the web and in print, and crafted what we’re calling a custom “emoji system” full of fun and lively icons.


As always, it’s a pleasure to see real people interact with a brand’s design language in physical spaces. Special thanks to the design team who brought this all together:

  • Design: Georgia Cowley, Courtney Leonard, Warren Schultheis, Bo Kim, Ced Funches and Shawn Moriarty.
  • Conferences team: Lia Kennett, Jen Leibow, Maya Geurtsen, Jill Pendergast, Kim Last, Marty Moe.
  • Engineering: Adam Tow.
  • Vox editorial team: Ezra Klein, Matt Yglesias, Sarah Kliff.
  • Photos in this post: Becca Farsace.