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Pixel Punch IV Ready for Lift-off

astronaut floating through space Irene Wang

It’s officially Pixel Punch season. The design team at Vox Media is dreaming up an out of this world experience for the 2017 event. That’s right, things are about to get spacey. With all the recent buzz around space events, NASA’s delightful Grand Tour space travel poster series and Stark Trek’s 50th anniversary, we thought it could be fun to launch a star-studded Pixel Punch and we’re hoping you’ll consider being a part of it as a contestant or judge; attendees and space monkeys look for your invites soon.

Pixel Punch is now in its fourth year and it’s one of our team’s favorite events to host each fall. We love the opportunity to bring the DC design community together for some healthy competition and to show off the creative talent of this city. We want everyone who participates to be engaged, connect with peers in the industry, and cheer on the competitors. We anticipate lots of laughs, good food and drink, interactive activities for attendees and, of course, amazing design.

If you’re not familiar with Pixel Punch, we’ve got some great blog posts for Pixel Punch 3.0 and Pixel Punch 2015 that gives you a little peek at what we put into creating a fun community event.

We’re currently announcing a call for judges and design battle contestants for our November 7th event hosted at iStrategyLab’s awesome event space. We looking for people passionate about design, and who love to have a little fun. We only ask that if you wish to be a judge that you are a designer or work very closely in the design field in a relevant area. If that’s sounds like you, you can apply to be a contestant here and to be a judge here.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all at this year’s event! Stay tuned for more mission updates.