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GIFsplain: alley race tragedy

Vox Product loves GIFs. This is the first post of our new series, GIFsplain, where casual GIF explanation becomes beautiful poetry.

green shirt totally won

green shirt guy showed up 12 hours before and put down some very carefully painted banana peels

it's amazing how badly that ended up for everyone

except green shirt guy

he ran into a pole just off camera


drowned in tears

crying for all his friends

I can't stop watching that gif

how serious can an alley foot race really be

i mean, that is real deal

it was to settle a tiebreaker in trivia

high stakes

loser buys lunch

from the hospital cafeteria

look closely and you'll see it's all the blue shirt guy's fault

he careens into lady

and lady kills other guy

his legs are flapping in the breeze

pretty sure pink dude guy broke his nose on the ground

green shirt guy could have also slightly nudged blue shirt guy

Have some GIFsplaining to do? Add your thoughts in the comments below.